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Dr. Shanelle James


Dr. Shanelle James, a native Washingtonian, is CEO of LimbsNThings, LLC, Mobile & Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice and licensed physical therapist.  Her quest to become a physical therapist began in elementary school when she observed her father go from injured to well following physical therapy treatments.  Ever since then, she went on a quest to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Upon graduation from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, she went on to attend one of the few HBCUs offering the Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2005, Alabama State University.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Therapy in 2009 from Alabama State University (ASU).  She completed her internship in Recreational Therapy at the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center in Warm Springs, GA working in clinical and community recreation settings. She treated people diagnosed with acute traumatic brain injury, stroke, amputations, blindness and various adaptive sports programs, aquatics and more to improve quality of life. Dr. James earned her Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS) certification while matriculating through her first year of ASU's DPT Program.  Dr. James aspired to see how PT was performed all over the country prior to graduating in 2012; therefore, she trained in many settings, inclusive of outpatient rehab in Georgia, inpatient rehab in Ohio, acute ICU/NICU in Oklahoma, assisted living and skilled nursing in DC.  A former travel recreational and physical therapist, Dr. James is currently licensed in PT in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia and has worked in skilled nursing, outpatient facilities, early intervention, home health, house calls and inpatient rehabilitation.  In each setting, Dr. James has developed ways to engage in fun rehabilitation tasks to achieve the functional goals of each patient.  Dr. James is the Secretary of the American Academy of Physical Therapy, a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and active with its DC Chapter.  Monthly on Saturdays at 6 pm, Dr. James talks with businesses and professionals on Pull Up with LimbsNThings live on YouTube and Facebook to discuss topics pertinent to aging and physical function.  When she’s not working, she is making memories with her husband, their 2 children and her parents.

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